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Help a zinester out? [Sep. 19th, 2009|08:53 am]
portland zinesters

Hey! I'm involved with a teeny collective that's opening a worker-owned bookstore (and zinestore) and community center in Portland next year. To move us a little closer to our fundraising goal, we launched a mini donation drive on this website called Kickstarter.

Please check it out, and please please please drop us a few bucks. We'd infinitely appreciate it, and will promptly pay you back with free coffee and zines when our doors open next year. <3.
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All Things Ordinary #1 out now! [Aug. 10th, 2009|10:27 am]
portland zinesters


All Things Ordinary #1 is out now! This is a personal zine about the last month i spent in Buffalo, NY (where i have lived all 27 years of my life) before i moved to Portland, OR (where i've been living for the past 4 months). It mostly consists of reflections on my time in Buffalo, thoughts about what lies ahead of me in Portland (i had never visited Portland before i moved here), and things that happened to me during my last month living in Buffalo. It is 24 pages and quarter sized.

  here are a couple sample pagesCollapse )

I love trading zines and would prefer that, but if you don't want to/can't trade it is $3.00ppd. My paypal address is derekneuland@gmail.com.

send zine trades or $3.00 well hidden cash/money order to:
Derek Neuland
p.o. box 42182
Portland, OR 97242
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Peep no. 15 + Portland Zine Symposium! [Jul. 22nd, 2009|01:34 pm]
portland zinesters

Hello everyone!

Issue 15 is finally out! (better late than never...) As usual it contains a healthy dose of unexpectedly interesting information, recipes, and vintage clip art. This issue also features art by guest contributor Michael Jess.

This month you can get your very own copy of Peep no. 15 before it hits the stores at the Portland Zine Symposium happening this weekend! It runs from the 24th through the 26th and I will have a table on the 24th (Friday) and the 26th (Sunday). The symposium takes place on the second floor of the Smith Student Union on the Portland State University campus. There will also be workshops and other fun things going on. See the website for more details. I will also be selling older issues of Peep and a new 36 page zine (unrelated to Peep) about my moleskine notebook. 

If you will be in the Portland area this weekend please stop by and say hello!

After the symposium the new issue will be available in zine shops all over Portland. See the website for more details. If you don't live in Portland you can purchase it on etsy.com. I have also re-listed some old issues so go take a look!

Please direct any questions to peepthezine@gmail.com.

  "moleskinexcavation"  (quarter size, 36 pages)

Peep, no. 15 (quarter size, 16 pages)

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2009 IPRC Youth Zine Camp! [Jul. 6th, 2009|08:25 am]
portland zinesters


Hey folks, I thought I might pass this on if you know any young people or are a young person in Portland and might want to check this out.

Zine Camp 2009!
Each summer, the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) hosts a group of youngsters for five sessions of day camp. During camp, the participants learn the how’s and whys of self-publishing, the history of zine making and technical skills in print arts and independent publishing. Each camper will make their own zine, meet real live zinesters, participate in a zine reading and attend the 9th annual Portland Zine Symposium as tablers.

The camp is located downtown at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) in downtown Portland. There are two camps this year; Uncensored Youth and Zine Teens. The Teens group will meet from 12-4pm on Tuesdays and Fridays July 7th through the 24th, and the Youth will meet from 11-3 July 20th thru the 24th. The cost of camp is $125 with scholarships available.
Please contact A.M. O’Malley, IPRC Program Coordinator, at 503-827-0249 or iprcworkshops@gmail.com

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Stolen Sharpie Revolution book release party, Square Foot Zine Fest [Jun. 10th, 2009|09:14 am]
portland zinesters


So, if you don't know there are two zine-y events in Portland this weekend at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) 917 SW Oak #218

Stolen Sharpie Revolution book release party and open mic! Friday June 12 7:00PM

Join me, Alex Wrekk at the IPRC for the release of my book at a special book release price. Also, bring your zines and read something for everyone. I just got back from a Uk and France zine zine tour and I'll share some stories from that plus I'm brining the UK tradition of cake at zine events. Vegan cupcakes for all!

Square Foot Zine Fest Saturday, June 13 10:00AM-5:00PM

Good things come in small packages! Come to the IPRC and browse tables split into 1 foot square spaces that contain fabulous zines, books and crafts made by our taleneted IPRC members. Word games and zine swapping will abound! The Square foot zine fest is free and open to all to attend. Table space is limited to IPRC members as a way to  showcase the fantastic work that comes out of our resource center.

All events located at the Indepedent Publishing Resource Center in downtown Portland, Oregon 917 SW Oak #218

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Portland Summer Zine Events... [May. 29th, 2009|08:13 am]
portland zinesters



Portland Summer Zine Events: Stplen Sharpie Revolution book release party, Square Foot Zine fest. teen Summer zine camp, 9th portland Zine Symposium!Collapse )




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Peep 14 is out now! [Apr. 25th, 2009|02:14 pm]
portland zinesters

Issue 14 of Peep is now available.  I made an edition of 60 copies so get yours while you can!  This issue features things you wouldn't know about length, some fantastic tracings, a new recipe, and much more!

Peep is available at various retailers in Portland, Oregon.  See the website for more details.  If you're not in Portland you can buy Peep on Etsy.com.  You can also send $1 (and perhaps a stamp?) to:

730 SW 16th Avenue, #104
Portland, OR  97205

Add Peep on MySpace here!

Submissions, feedback, questions, etc. accepted at peepthezine@gmail.com. 

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benefit show for new rad infoshop in PDX! [Apr. 23rd, 2009|06:22 pm]
portland zinesters

Jonny X and the Groadies
Purple Rhinestone Eagle
Magic Johnson

Friday, April 24th, 7pm
Backspace | 115 NW 5th Ave

$3 - $10. Proceeds benefit the Axiom Infoshop collective, who are workin' to open a brand new radical infoshop in Portland.

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Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast episode #1! [Mar. 2nd, 2009|08:13 am]
portland zinesters


My housemate and zine librarian extraordinaire, Mark Parker and I put together our first zine podcast! We even got Androo Robinson to write us a silly theme song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

The podcast is about a half hour long and consists of zine news and events and the easiest interview idea ever, we interviewed each other about zines! Check out the blog here and the actual libsyn podcast account here.
Nobody Cares About Your Stupid zine Podcast is a You Woke The Cat Production.Collapse )
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Peep no. 13 is available now! [Feb. 14th, 2009|01:36 pm]
portland zinesters


Peep number 13 is available for purchase.  This issue features various tidbits of interest including found photos, a new recipe, shoe care tips, and much more to enrich your mind.  Each issue is individually numbered and bound with a sewing machine.

Issues can be purchased at various fine retailers in Portland, Oregon or online at etsy.com.  You can also purchase an issue by e-mailing me at:  peepthezine@gmail.com. 

See the website here

Add Peep on MySpace here


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