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anyone down for some trades? [Jun. 22nd, 2011|11:05 pm]
portland zinesters
I've still got stacks and stacks of zines ready to meet your loving hands and sparkly eyes. I'm down to trade for other zines, stationary, handmade crafts (patches, spokecards, jewelry, stickers) riot grrl ephemera, whatevera. I like thinkets, tell me what you want to send away. livesofcleopatra at gmail dot com
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Portland Zine Symposium needs your help! [Apr. 7th, 2010|12:34 pm]
portland zinesters

The Portland Zine Symposium will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year on August 28-29th 2010, which makes it the longest running zine fest in the world!

While admission to the zine symposium has always been free and will always remain free, there are lots of costs that come with putting together an event such as this. We really need your help! The prices for renting the space for the symposium were raised exponentially AND we've grown exponentially, which means that this year we're moving to PSU's Main Gym, giving us more tabling space.

Due to these factors, this year we’re making a call out to the zine community to help us out. You are more than welcome to donate as little or as much as you’d like, but we have set up several donation levels so you can get a little gift from us in return for your donation.

$5.00 - Thank You Level - Every little bit counts!

$10.00 - Mini-Zine Level - We will send you a sticker from a previous zine symposium.

$15.00 - Quarter-Size Level - You get a sticker and a 1” button from a previous zine symposium

$30.00 - Half-Size Level - You will get a recycled t-shirt from a previous year. These are really random so sizes and colors aren’t guaranteed but we’ll do our best. These are great for modifying or making them into a patch. We’ll also include a sticker and 1” button.

$50.00 - Full-Size Level - We’ll send you a 1” button, sticker, and a blue corn mug from the 8th Annual Portland Zine Symposium made from 100% corn plastic.

$75.00 - Zine Library Level - You will get an assortment of zines all created and donated by the Portland Zine Symposium organizers. We’ll also include a button and a sticker.

$100.00 (and beyond) - ZINE ARCADE Level - You get the assortment of zines from the organizers, the 100% corn plastic mug, a button, and a sticker.

Any donation of $30.00 and above will also be thanked in the 10th Annual Portland Zine Symposium program. Paypal all donations to: pdxzines@gmail.com

Want to just buy some PZS gear to support us? Check out the PZS store here: http://pdxzines.bigcartel.com/

Thank you all in advance for helping us make this year’s Portland Zine Symposium the best one yet. Happy 10th anniversary!

Much gratitude,
Portland Zine Symposium Organizers
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2010|02:11 pm]
portland zinesters


1) I signed the paper work for the inclusion of July as International Zine Month for 2011! It is already on the list for 2010. So, I hope you are all planning new and exciting this for this year!

2) The 10th annual Portland Zine Symposium is happening August 28 & 29th!

We are still looking for submissions for artwork. Go here for more details.

Artwork needs to be received by March 15th!

3) Speaking of March 15th...

I will be reading from Brainscan 25 at Powell's in Portland, Oregon for the Smallpressapalooza. Paul will be accompanying me with an acoustic guitar while I read. And we may actually sing and acoustic version of this song about our first date. I'm a bit nervous about the singing  part.

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Peep, No. 17 Available Now! [Jan. 28th, 2010|11:42 pm]
portland zinesters

Issue 17 of Peep is now available.  Issues are $1 each. 

Peep is a zine that features found notes/objects, recipes, thoughts, conversations, questions, quotes, and much much more.

This issue also includes special correspondence from Canadian collaborator, Michael Jess.

Peep is printed in a limited edition of 65 copies per issue. Each copy is bound with a sewing machine and numbered by hand.

To get a copy, check out the etsy.com listing here or you can get it at many fine retailers in Portland, Oregon as well. 

See the website here.  Add Peep as a MySpace friend here

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All Things Ordinary #1 reprint now available [Jan. 22nd, 2010|12:24 am]
portland zinesters

[music |DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World | Powered by Last.fm]

I just did another print run so they are available once again. It's a zine i wrote during my last month in Buffalo before i moved to Portland, OR about what i did in that last month and what was going on in my head. It's $3.00 ppd. More info about the zine, sample pages, and ordering info can be found on my blog: http://allthingsordinary.wordpress.com/zines/
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Three 'zines [Nov. 16th, 2009|12:58 pm]
portland zinesters

I just found this community. I was at Floating World yesterday, and I said to myself, "I wish I could browse a section that's ONLY Portland 'zines." So then today I remembered that thought, and did a search, etc.

If anyone wants these for trade or for free, leave a comment (or send me an email at master.cob at gmail).

McGriddle Defense

A fanzine about the McGriddle breakfast sandwich. Fiction, a poem, a comic, and more.
Hand-stitched cover (that's photo-copied)! site. Lame (but maybe necessary) advisory: Not just for meat-eaters or McDonald's lovers! In fact, it has practically nothing to do with either of those things, when you really think about it...
and a link to the full pdf can be found on that website.

Blue Skies Above Us #1

Um, I can't find a scan of the cover. But, this 'zine is 10 or so short comics that I made. And they can be read online here. plus there's a blog there that I sometimes update with stuff. Some of the comics on that site are not in the 'zine. I need to make a few more comics before I can put out #2. I am really slow at making comics. Lately all my drawing time has been going into doing dungeons and dragons characters...

Better Living Through The Svelte Life

This is the first comic I ever made. It's about allergies, wood nymphs, and slavery.
and the entire thing can be read here.

In conclusion, even though I just provided links to electronic versions of everything, should you want a paper version, contact me.

Also, I'm currently working on a fanzine about Future Spa. Future Spa is a spa that's in the future, and also in outer space. Casual updates from the spa are here. eta of 'zine uncertain. Contact me if you want to submit to it.

I'm now going to go through this community, and order whatever I don't already have!

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Peep No. 16 is out now! [Nov. 6th, 2009|03:21 pm]
portland zinesters

Peep’s sixteenth issue includes the usual slew of rather interesting information and vintage analog clip art.

You can now purchase Peep on etsy.com. Older issues have also been re-listed, so pop over and take a look!

Please send any inquiries to peepthezine@gmail.com

See also: 

Peep's official website

Peep's myspace

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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2009|11:43 am]
portland zinesters


My name is chloe hodson, and i write a zine called electricity. i have been writing it for a few years now, so maybe you have seen me before.

anyways, being busy and all i have had some trouble finding time to sell and promote the last few issues of my zine (Electricity vol.2 issues #1,2, & 3)

i was wondering if anyone had a distro i could submit to, or some ideas on how to promote with out it being so time consuming.

Thanks so much!

Chloe Hodson

my email is: oooitselectric@msn.com
if you have any questions!
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Looking for a zine-y housemate! [Sep. 29th, 2009|06:40 pm]
portland zinesters

I live in a big house in North Portland with fellow zine enthusiast Marc Parker of Zine Thug fame plus 2 other awesome folks. We have an open room and are looking for a zine friendly person to fill it!

4 + you makes 5
3 minutes walk  from Max Yellow Line
2 cats (no more cats or a dog, please)
Washer + Dryer
vegetarian Kitchen
practice space in the basement
lots and lots of zines
zine people encouraged, students discourages (band noise, etc.)
$300 a month plus utilities

e-mail for more info alex@smallworldbuttons.com

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Planning the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium... [Sep. 29th, 2009|06:34 pm]
portland zinesters


Fist planning meeting for the 10th annual Portland Zine Symposium!

Have you ever wanted to help organizing the Portland Zine Symposium? Well now's your chance! This will be the first meeting for the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium. We'll discuss dates, themes and lots of big ideas about how to celebrate such a monumental achievement to reach 10 years! Plus, there will be snacks!

When: Sunday October 4, 2009 6:00 PM

Where: IPRC (917 SW Oak #218)

If you are unable to attend this meeting feel free to drop us a line and we'll keep you in the loop for the next meeting!

Please e-mail pdxzines@gmail.com for more info!
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